Lucy Lee

Job Title: Water stewardship manager

Company: WWF

Lucy Lee is a Water Stewardship Manager at WWF-UK. WWF is a strong advocate for responsible private sector engagement on water issues. We have been working with companies to develop our concept of water stewardship since 2008 which serves to unite a wide set of stakeholders to support the sustainable management of water resources.

WWF have developed a 5 step framework to support companies to respond to shared water risks.  Lucy works with companies to apply this framework to assess water risks, identify hotspots and develop mitigation strategies to respond.

The scale of water challenge means no one sector, government or NGO can respond to them alone. Our work focuses therefore on supporting collective action in WWF’s priority freshwater geographies, river basins that have been identified for their conservation value, but also because they are under increasing pressure. The ultimate aim is that collective action is used to influence the governance of water to ensure the sustainable management of water resources to meet the needs of people, nature and business.

Speaking at the following:

Panel discussion: making water a priority for your stakeholders

Food for thought: How can you optimise growing public awareness of water challenges to engage stakeholders and suppliers on better stewardship? Is there a tried and tested method for driving behavior change to mitigate water risks? What’s the best method to win board investment to commit the resources necessary to assess water risks and mitigate identified… Read more.

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