Hans-Ulrich Buchholz

Job Title: Environmental compliance, corporate QEHS group

Company: L’Oréal

Hans-Ulrich Buchholz is working at L’Oréal corporate QEHS (Quality environment, health and safety) department as water and waste water expert. His responsibility is water and waste water management of L’Oréal’s Operations worldwide in order to evaluate and to reduce the impact of the industrial activities, especially on local water resources.

He is focused on the development of strategies and projects that are combining business, economic and environmental protection in a holistic manner.

Hans-Ulrich Buchholz started his career for more than 20 years with engineering and international project management of water treatment for municipalities and industry. This was followed by key account responsibility for commercial and technical development and the lead of environmental projects in the sector of the Pulp&Paper/ chemical industry, within the SUEZ group.

Speaking at the following:

Responding to the water challenge at group and local level

Water, the key for business Implementation of an efficient water conservation program Moving from linear towards circular water management in operations

Panel discussion: making water a priority for your stakeholders

Food for thought: How can you optimise growing public awareness of water challenges to engage stakeholders and suppliers on better stewardship? Is there a tried and tested method for driving behavior change to mitigate water risks? What’s the best method to win board investment to commit the resources necessary to assess water risks and mitigate identified… Read more.

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